The band was formed with the same premises that are often typical of works of art: improvisation and inspiration. The chance meeting between Mark Wright (rhythm guitars and vocals) and Alexincubus (lead guitars – former “Theatres Des Vampires”), immediately characterized by understanding that only a strong common passion can arouse, saw the birth of "GAME ZERO", although in an embryonic stage, in the early days of their acquaintance.

In fact, they wrote, almost spontaneously, the first versions of four songs off their debut album, “RISE”: “Time is Broken”, “Lions and Lambs”, “Fallen” and “Look at You”.

During this step Dave J. joined the band behind the drum set ("Utopia", former "Dragonhammer") and Domino on bass guitar. With the full line-up, they recorded a demo containing the above-mentioned tracks, in order to identify a producer who could support them in the project. The following meeting with Gianmarco Bellumori, owner of "Agoge Records", was immediate and, as often happens to the lucky shots, the agreement was immediate too. Bellumori immediately perceived nothing short of an explosive potential and decided to produce the band.

His impact in the artistic direction has been certainly important and encouraged immediately fashionable blend of granitic riffs and evocative melodies, which is the sound of the band. The "GAME ZERO" entity (name inspired by the gamble game "Zero Spiel") came to light and the band signed the agreement with "AGOGE RECORDS" for the release of their first album.

At the same time, another element came to enrich the band expectations and to lengthen the list of those that could be defined as a series of "lucky” coincidences (do they?): the band got hired by the production of the animated feature "EAST END", the Giuseppe Squillaci's "CANECANE Srl" and the Andrea Iervolino's "AMBI PICTURES", to realize the main film song and, at the same time, Mark Wright was appointed for the whole soundtrack composition.

The result was "The City With No Ends", a high impact rock song. The movie production enthusiastically welcomed the song (the band's first single from the album "RISE") and decided to place it as the closing theme of "EAST END" (Out in Italian Cinemas May 3, 2017.
The “stone of inspiration” was rolling so unstoppable and the remaining seven tracks off the debut album arose as if they always existed and were only to be played.

The first single 'The city with no ends' was also screened at major European film festivals such Cannes Film Festival. Music video got several awards overseas, ranking in the top spots of the film festival in Miami and Los Angeles (USA).

An important step for the band was the second half of 2016 where they did their first European Tour ended triumphantly with a show as main support for the well-known SABATON in Vilnius, Lithuania. The band opened also for EQUILIBRIUM during their Moscow and St.Petersburg Russian Tour 2017 (April 2017).

On July 2018 they played at Faine Misto Festival 2018, with many artists like Tarja Turunen, The Rasmus, Oomph, Betraying the Martyris, Amaranthe, Dope, Vader, Infected Rain and many more.

In March 2019 GAME ZERO finished the new album recordings and did their 'RISE - The Final Leg Tour'. The band opened for the legendary finnish band Amorphis in Kiev (Ukraine) and Minsk (Belarus) during the five shows tour across Ukraine, Belarus and Latvia.

November 2019, GAME ZERO announce a new partnership with the spanish label ART GATES RECORDS who will publish the new album at the beginning of 2020.